Quick jump in just to say:

A fun irony to how poorly made this whole situation is, is that, if you act in a way that causes the druids to attack the teiflings in an attempt to purge them from the grove (messing with the idol does this - they'll decry you, and then the whole grove pitches into a fight,m druid against tiefling), and stay out of the fight yourself.... the tieflings win. By a very clear margin. Kagha and all of hers, as well as all of the druids that went along with her, attempt to 'purge the foul blood parasites', and they all die, and most of the tieflings survive, and end up talking about the situation, now that the druids are all gone.

Oh, and the absolutely useless racist mercenaries from the intro to the grove, don't fight at all - they leg it at the first sign of conflict.

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