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Allowing Wizards to scribe Cleric spells is a rules change.

This one is a bug, really. Scrolls currently are unrestricted in both scribing and use, it will be changed.

I think it's important to recognize that quite a lot of what we have now is an unfinished, bugged or placeholder.

I think many of the changes Larian did are good, they clearly want players to have more action paths when their turn finally comes and I'm behind it. I think they should reconsider things like "Hide" maybe there, because that one is super abusive now.

Oh damn. Another clairvoyant guy

If the homebrew feels too dumb = bug
If the homebrew feels nice = Larian rocks

Where the heck have you read in Larian official post that this is a bug?

Oh, that high ground advantage is not a bug because you like it. Clearly not a bug.

World is crowded of this kind of ocasional selfish ppl.