I discovered Divinity because I loved BG1 and BG2. Divinity made me discover turn based RPGs and I realized that’s what I always missed with BG titles.

I spend time growing a character, memorizing the right spells, crafting, etc. I don’t want to win a battle because I spammed an action often enough.

When I heard Larian was working on BG3 I simply melted, a dream came true.

I have now been playing 120 hours with EA and I am simply amazed. It gets all my nostalgia up, my love for DnD, and the improved best features from Divinity engine, among various, the turn based system.

Yes some bug fights are a pain, but I think it has more to do with being EA than with being turn based or not.

AI getting stuck or being slow will go away. Larian will see the analytics and realize those fights last way too long on average. The solution for me is up to them, I might have a vague idea if what I like or not, but I am no game designer. Larian on the other hand is, and I have no doubt these early nuisance will be gone. Whether it will be by improving the ai, changing the agro rules, reducing enemies, iterating the turn based system, introducing a real time system or whatever else, I am sure Larian will find out.