Yeah, even when I wanted to play an evil character, the "evil" route seemed to provide little to no rewards or reasons for playing it. It seemed way more rewarding and logical to make good choices but for evil reasons, something the game of course ignores because it doesn't ask you for your reasons. That leads to the game seeing your evil character as good, which is not exactly ideal but I suppose there isn't a way around this.

The best solution would be to provide some nuance and more options for the Evil route. Someone in another thread suggested removing Kagha entirely and reworking the Grove conflict to yield rewards for the evil route as well. That feels a little radical to me, personally, I feel like Kagha could be salvaged with some adjustments and rewriting. Perhaps make her conflicted side more visible, and make siding with her rewarding.

Also, I'd like formally apologise for Ragnarok and say that not all Czech people are like that.