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This game focuses on immersion. This isn't some MMORPG where peopole just "mess around". Revealing armor/clothing only realy works on something like a succubus. But put it on a fighter and that just makes no sense. Unless you drastically lower the AC (as revealing armor SHOULD be doing in other games) to compensate for that. The character should also be more vulnerable to things like fire and acid. Due to the lack of protection.

Have it as a mod. Everyone wins. Skyrim did something similar actually.

if you had took time to read my first post. you would have saw the link. on how those armors works. they give AC 10 like a robe + dex + cha(that's the optional part)

explain to me why would a 25+ dex and/or cha character would were an armor ? except for the Pal. but if you do a Dex pal then no smile your Pal will end up in a robe

did you know that a mage robe give the same AC as if you are naked ? and that you can cast spells that give AC ? for the resistance you talking about,armors and clothing in dnd 5e does not give any resistance FULL PLATE or naked you take the same damage what ever the source, unless, the armor/clothing is magical or include resistance in the description. like the robe of summer in BG3 , if anything, clothing make you more vulnerable to fire an a bit less to cold , your point is totally irreverent.

immersion yes but immersion in a HIGH DARK FANTASY SETTING with ROMANCE.

let me brake your immersion right now , it impossible to ware an armor like we do in BG3 24/24 7/7 even when you sleep. ..... lol immersion, don't make me laugh, its ALL ABOUT IMMERSION , if I want my fantasy world to be SEXY, I'll make it Sexy , even if the dev don't want me to. but....

all I am asking is that we get the choice in game, from the start, so I don't have to MOD it. am not asking them to make 2000 skinny armors/clothing, or add a nude mode, I just want some sexy and revealing armors and clothing for the players to use , not only for the NPCs and please don't make them only available in ACT 3 only, I want them ... close to the start, like .. let me get one of those sexy druidess armors that we have in game right now.

like why can't we loot the actual armors the monster and npc have on them? why are we looting those identical generic UGLY as F armors and all ? like we actually have to mod the game to ware them. but WHY ? they are in the game already just LOCK from the player touch.

the use of armors is optional in DnD by the way. have you ever played in darksun setting ?

anyway none of us should start with gear in BG 3, cuz we got kidnaped in the city ..... good bye immersion again. smile for all we know we could have being kidnaped while on the pot. we should all be naked like shrimps in those pods.

there is countless situation where this kind of armors / clothing could make you win a fight. or capture the attention of a Mass of people and make them do / believe what ever.,,

like with Astarion, the first time we meet him, why can't I use some of my charisma and take advantage of this " close encounter" situation smile but of course trying to seduce some one in the middle of a fight wearing a FULL PLATE MAIL is kinda hard. imo any armor that cover the totality of your body + helmet should totally negate your charisma bonus and you should get -10000 to Cha rolls.

The idea of limiting sexuality in games just seems crazy to me. If you can't turn a world of fantasy and fiction to have some kind of freedom, where can you? What is wrong with playing a sexy looking powerful female warrior?

now the "people" that come here asking for "Smiffy's Men's Borat Mankini " are just trolls. just ignore them. am not asking for swimsuits....... but, sexy and revealing armors and clothing, ya know "cleavage" ? like ,it does not even have to be extravagant like in my OP pic. but, come on! a bit a skin please ?!!!!. there is plenty of choice for both male and female.

if they would took it a bit more seriously(the trolls) am pretty sure they could/would find "adequate" and on the topic pictures. showing BAD ASS MEN in relatively Sexy Armors or robes

but trolls do what they do , they trolls then hide.

there is people that say, oh god no please!, but they are the first to go and RECORD all romance scene with a trans PC and put them on youtube.
or when given the choice in game they jump on the most sexy one.

the first thing they will do when they get back in baldur's gate is go to the bordello

all I am asking is some ... more SEXY armors ffs ......

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