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Maybe the evil playthrough can impact my camp look as well. It would become more savage looking, maybe I can hire Drow and Ogre merceneries.
Have evil pillage and conquest questlines... something!
Honestly burning the orphanage just because it makes me so edgy is not that attractive of a choice.

LoL - now this is what I call speaking me from the soul.
I started my EarlyAccess "Evil run" a day ago and I already see myself failing it miserably.
These are not evil choices.
These are DUMB choices!!
Insane choices! They do not make sense and give much benefit.

But I am only at the start of it all. Maybe I find a way to masterfully play them all for my evil mastermind purposses like the "evil Fouldblood Tiefling" that I am.
Should I be unable to properly ally with the Goblins, Duergar or Drow though, then I see no reason to make myself even more enemys.