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Edit: Also this kinda goes for the thread about the datamined armor I guess.
Apparently people would be '' embarrassed '' by wearing pink according to some people, meanwhile our ancestors walked around with penis daggers.

And yes these daggers were VERY common.

Usually known as "bollock daggers" in the UK, AIUI.

Anyway, regular swords are sexy enough; by which I mean RL ones without all the jewels and batwings and spikes. Here's a couple of mine.

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What sexy daggers! I would like to see such a dagger in this scene. Although, the dagger that is now in the game is also not bad. Moderately sexy but very relevant.
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Although, I hadn't thought about the sexuality of daggers before. It's been a month since Early Access was released, and players are already suffering from a lack of content - discussing the sexuality of daggers