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I like my weapons to look traditional and functional, and don't need them to resemble BDSM equipment.
I'm somehow in the minority with that it seems.

I think that you are when it comes to the '' traditional and functional '' part, most people don't care and just want things that look cool I think.
Things get really boring real fast when that's your priority and it's hard to communicate a sense of progression.
I mean it's quite underwhelming when you have a longsword, then you get '' the sword of a thousand truths '' and it's just another longsword.

I am pretty sure the OP is trolling about the whips at least tho lol, one of the whips is basically an actual BDSM whip I think.
With that said, the bollocks dagger that I linked is an actual historical dagger, they were incredibly popular in Europe.
I might be wrong about this, but I remember reading about how they were basically the predecessors of dirks.
Dirks... Diiiiiiiiicks?
I am probably reading too much into the name lol, but yeah.

Our ancestors didn't just walk around with generic swords, they had a sense of humor about it and blinged out what they wore.
They were a bit limited by standardization and how complex you could make metalwork and woodwork and keep that standardization.
But the same as with armor and clothing, the more complexity blacksmiths and tailors at large could handle the more designed and stylized it became.
In a fantasy setting it's not that hard to believe that they'd be able to handle more complexity or that blacksmiths and tailorers would put more of themselves into their works especially if magic is involved.