Btw in regards to Scythes, they do get dismissed a lot but historical treatises of fighting with them actually do exist.
As did Scythes meant for war, they weren't common but they were an actual thing.
Billhooks are another example too of a tool developing into a weapon, and they were incredibly effective against armor.

So it's not quite as crazy as some may think.

Originally Posted by Sadurian
Is a bollock dagger actually 'sexy' to people? Funny or provocative, perhaps, but sexy?

Is a BDSM whip really a weapon? Would you honestly choose to carry that into battle intending to use it against an opponent?

Sometimes people's opinions and tastes on these things leave me thinking I'm a lot more vanilla than I give myself credit for.

It was mainly a joke, but I mean yeah kinda?
'' Sexy '' wasn't really a concept back then in the way that it is today, but masculinity was definitely seen as very attractive and desirable and was expressed in quite not so subtle ways all the time.
Men having toned shins was seen as incredibly attractive at one point and writers thirsted real hard about how '' sexy '' the shins of kings and nobles were.

I mean if '' boobplate '' is treated as super ultra hyper sexualized then I find it a bit silly to just totally dismiss the bollocks dagger.
It's sorta another discussion altogether tho and I think gets more into how scared we are on a societal level of acknowledging the male physique as sexual and how overly sensitive we are to the female physique.
It becomes a bit silly when if you have even the curve of a female chest on something and everyone acts like it's '' oversexualized '' but then people literally walked around with things deliberately shaped like a penis and somehow that's not sexual.