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I like my weapons to look traditional and functional, and don't need them to resemble BDSM equipment.
I'm somehow in the minority with that it seems.

I am pretty sure the OP is trolling about the whips at least tho lol, one of the whips is basically an actual BDSM whip I think.

I really, really don't think OP is trolling. If you're bored and feeling brave, go check out their other sexually-repressed horror show posts. Everything always has a smarmy smear of underlying kink attached to it.

And I mean, I don't really need every sword to look like a boring, flattened piece of sheet metal. I just like weapons that look like you could use them without breaking them or injuring yourself.
Whips aren't practical self-defense weapons. Scythes, on the other hand, make great weapons. I assure you, my views on the "sexiness" of weapons aren't puritanical. wink

I don't want to fall to bits 'cos of excess existential thought.