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A few people have mentioned the scythe as a weapon of war. Don't confuse specially altered blades adapted for fighting for the actual agricultural tool. Whilst agricultural scythes were certainly used in extremis, scythes carried as more formal weapons were not simple agricultural tools but were specially adapted, usually by altering the angle of the blade to resemble a fauchard (the weapon that evolved from the scythe) or glaive. Swinging a scythe in arcs to try to cut the enemy off at the knee is not going to be an optimum tactic.

When I said '' war scythe '' I actually meant scythes specifically meant for battle, altho it's worth noting that treatises for scythes as in the actual tool actually did exist.
I think they may have been more for interests sake tho or just people experimenting.
Tools becoming weapons of war was common place so it's not that strange if they experimented with them at least.

But I don't think that even the tool would be that far fetched either.
I mean flails are a good example of this, as far as I know they really weren't much of a thing in warfare their actual use is heavily debated but people still accept them in media as an actual '' believable '' weapon if you get what I mean.
And the flails I've seen in treatises are two handed too and not one handed.

Edit: I totally forgot, but those two handed flails were actual agricultural tools too.
And they had treatises too xD, but yeah there still are one handed ones that are clearly not tools but their existence is really bizarre.

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I like my weapons to look traditional and functional, and don't need them to resemble BDSM equipment.
I'm somehow in the minority with that it seems.

I am pretty sure the OP is trolling about the whips at least tho lol, one of the whips is basically an actual BDSM whip I think.

I really, really don't think OP is trolling. If you're bored and feeling brave, go check out their other sexually-repressed horror show posts. Everything always has a smarmy smear of underlying kink attached to it.

And I mean, I don't really need every sword to look like a boring, flattened piece of sheet metal. I just like weapons that look like you could use them without breaking them or injuring yourself.
Whips aren't practical self-defense weapons. Scythes, on the other hand, make great weapons. I assure you, my views on the "sexiness" of weapons aren't puritanical. wink

Fair enough maybe the OP isn't trolling lol, I can respect that but tbh I did assume it.
That's my bad I guess.

I get what you mean now about the weapons.
I agree that whips in this setting wouldn't really work as a weapon, I mean it works if the setting supports it and is more fantastical in that sense but I don't think that Baldur's Gate is.
Then again, aren't nunchucks a weapon in DnD too? I know that they are in Pathfinder at least.

Flails like I mentioned above is an interesting example too, people generally tend to accept them as a valid weapon even in games that are simulators and trying to be very realistic.
But their use is so heavily debated, there's so many things wrong with them lol.

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