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Reading through this thread, the one phrase that keeps popping into my head is "massive sense of over-entitlement". Seriously, you sound as tbough you think that 100% of your suggestions should have been both acknowledged & implemented within the 3 weeks that Early Access has been available. Like I said, over-entitled much? It might surprise you to know that you're all just a tiny fraction of BG3's total player base. It might also surprise you to realise that Larian is under no obligation to implement your suggestions in a time-frams that suits you. For all you know, tbe fixes & improvements in the latest patch might well have been stuff they had been working on since before EA started.
Anyway, the impression I get is that you're all pretty clueless about how game development actually works.....

Nobody is clueless here, and it just happens a lot of us have played countless other games (including BG1 & BG2) which have had much more faithful adaptions to the actual D&D rules.

And Solasta is a great example, since it's an EA that came out right after BG3 using D&D 5E rules (although limited to SRD).

And you know what is amazing - I pointed out that Green Mages couldn't learn from scrolls which are in the green mage spell list, and guess what? They fixed it in the first patch.

A friend of mine also commented that heavy armor was still considering Dex modifier (something that is actually right in BG3) and guess what? They also fixed it in the first patch. Plus a bunch of other fixes related to the rules. THAT is listening to feedback and trying to move in the right direction.

Solasta is not the only example. Pathfinder: Kingmaker started out with a LOT of bugs and mistakes, but you could see from the beginning that they were trying to be as faithful as possible and nowadays it's a nearly perfect game that goes by the Pathfinder rules.

I mean, we also must not forget about the legacy. BG1 and BG2 were also very faithful - as much as a real time-based game based on D&D could be. Same with NWN.

Anyways, hopefully they will hear us at some point. I wish more people spoke out in social media (such as Twitter) instead of just this forum. Most of Larian's Twitter responses are endless praises, and stuff about romance & relationships.

D&D players are not a tiny fraction of BG3 player base. See how many Twitch views Critical Role gets for example. Most of them just don't voice out their opinions/criticism as much.

Dear god they are listening to twitter muppets my expectations for the game just took a meteoric nosedive. Unfortunately, for me and many others, if they are doing twitter feedback there is no way to communicate. I mean a two line forum post wouldn't be too much to ask for right? Explains why they jumped on the romance crap nobody but a twitter parrot would give a shit about.

If you are a paying customer there is nothing entitled about offering honest feedback, this isnt a charity donation. There is nothing wrong with expectations that ask Larian to be faithful to the original series and D&D. That being said, Larian have been handed the BG legacy if they choose to make it for their loyal DOS fans their isn't anything anyone can do if they have the DOS fanbase to fanboi the feedback. Can't even get a refund, long gone are the days EA playtesting was free now you get to pay for the honor of doing their job for them.