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It was mainly a joke, but I mean yeah kinda?
'' Sexy '' wasn't really a concept back then in the way that it is today, but masculinity was definitely seen as very attractive and desirable and was expressed in quite not so subtle ways all the time.

I understand that the dagger was supposed to represent hyper-masculinity and virility, I'm just surprised that people still find them sexy.

Heh, I am sure there's some people who find it sexy.
Then again, isn't masculinity and things like virility typically what is regarded as sexy in men?

I get what you mean I don't find it sexy either, but I also don't find '' boobplate '' and such things sexy either.
Same with the bulgeplate.
Altho I do think that both bulgeplate and the bollocks dagger are different and just straight up funny as well as sexual since they're potraying actual genitalia.

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I want a +2 magic dildo please

Maybe the people who don't like sex scenes can find a common ground here with the OP.
What if they added the magic +2 dildo, and the magic effect it has is that it satìates you and your companions sexual urges so no sex scenes happen?