Just kind of an outsiders perspective here. I never played any of the original Baldurs Gate games, for that matter I hadnt really played anything D&D in over 30 years(aside from the really underrated D&D: Tactics on the PSP)

But the BG games just came out during my wild party days and I just wasnt playing video games back then, so i missed out on them.
Never played any of the Divinity games either(and still havent yet)

So really BG3 is the first game Ive played like this in ages.

The turn based system in in BG3 feels really natural to me. Similar to what Tactics had going on the PSP. It reminds me much more of playing AD&D as a little kid, in that players took turns doing everything.

That being said, I was talking to my brother about BG3 and he mentioned that when he was a kid he played Neverwinter Nights and had fond memories of it.

So on a whim I got the Neverwinter Nights enhanced edition bundle on the Nintendo switch(I love handhelds, dont ask why, Im weird.)
And I gotta say, for a 20 year old game, its damn fun. Its a very different style, and it took a little more getting used to than the turn system of BG3, but it has its own charm to. Its a little more frantic, I die alot more lol, but its fun in its own right.

Both systems seem to bring something unique to the table that the other doesnt. I can understand why this thread has gone 80 pages.
To me, both systems have their pros, their cons, and their quirks. But they're both fun trying to master.

I have no idea what Larian could or would do. But I do think neither side of this debate is wrong. And if its possible to please both sides of the fanbase, then I think Larian should.
If they cant, then I still encourage everyone to give this game a chance with an open mind. Remember, its not done yet, its got a long way to go. But I feel like this could end up being a very special game. Hopefully Im right.

Alright, back to my sorceress in Neverwinter Nights.