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I just started a new game and its all even worse. I guess at first play i still had some reservations in my judgement all of it being new and EA.

When you talk to Zevlor after the fight at the gate (which now plays out worse then before as character freeze and slide across terrain and melee hit each other from ten meters away) he says the grove has been attacked by some beasts and Druids are blaming Tieflings for it - while Tieflings were attacked by Gnolls (over by the river) so had to seek refuge in a hurry.

Then there is the Bugbear assassin in hiding - but how is he there while Minthara and the goblins dont know where the Grove is? He got lost?

And there are goblins in that cave you find around the corner after you exit the grove, that leads into the library of the Grove only i guess they didnt think of sending one running back and informing the others.
Sure, they cant get through the traps and want the glory but with other things its a bit too much Absolute forces in or right next to the grove.

While the situation is presumably at the cusp of some resolution because the ritual is already in the process and the refugees must leave like right now, only you can take your time dealing with it all and sleep over for days.
The ritual that will seal the grove into being permanently surrounded by goblins, gnolls and other Absolute forces - about which Druids dont care and dont want to know anything. Because they are biggoted close minded exclusionists - and racists! TLM! TLM!

I cant bring myself to go and relive that awfully written trial again.

We can explain most of it in our heads, theoretically...

Zevlor is overreacting at some words, said by some druid who did not know exactly the situation he/she spoke of;
Bugbear just now found his target, and was unable to get back to Minthara because he decided to take out the lone tiefling first and get back to goblin camp later with another kill;
Yes, the grove is almost found and only our party stops the danger (a good thing we can influence this in my book... if those little achievements of relieving the grove from goblin scout forces are being acknowledged by the game, unlike now);

Yet I refuse to explain the problem created by "we can take time for a long rest as much as you want, the situation with ritual and tadpole and parties looking for us, the survivors with an important weapon - wouldn't change". I second the notion it isn't written good enough for now.

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