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Solasta is really awesome but obviously things have to be replaced in context. They are 17 working on it, they don't have the full D&D5 licence and no FR. They don't have Larian's money and expertise...

Anyway it's a very good game and if you don't consider the huge technical problems, combats are way closer to D&D than BG3 and they aren't slower, annoying or too easy for a normal game mode.

I think BG3 could become a 20/20 if Larian trusted D&D a little bit more. Their custom rules are awesome but they actually altered the experience way too much. I think that with a lot of adjustement, BG3 has the potiential to become a real new legend for decades.

That is exactly how I feel man... I truly believe we have a game of the year contender. With the right fixes and gamemaster mode it could easily rival never winter nights in replay value. That game still has full servers.