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I dunno ... it seem to me like many people making that mistake, to expect themself to become pupetmaster in level 2, act 1, after few seconds of talking with few people in allready established machinery of goblin army, wich is working just fine without them until now ...
I wonder what rewards do you expect to get ...

That reminds me first slide of one comics, simmilar to order of the stick, if you know it ... also based on DnD:
Narrator: In the begining there was world ... and few people decided to play.
1st player: "I will play ultra powerfull Elf-Wizard."
2nd player: "Then i shall play undefeatable Human-fighter!"
3rd player: "In that case i would like to be skilled Dwarf-alchemist."
4th player: "I shall play feared Halfling-rogue tief with lot of criminal history."
Narrator: And that is how world gets its heroes.
DM: (out of story, sitting by desk with four people) "I hate to ruin it to you guys, but you are all technicaly on level 1."
Narrator: And that is how world gets its yet quite insignificant characters, that will try to find their place in it.
You're not playing TT DnD. This is a video game. Larian defines the boundaries of their storytelling very rigidly. It is up to the players to give them feedback on these boundaries and see where they need to be expanded or adjusted. What you are doing is pushing these boundaries in your imagination without relaying it back to the game. This gets us nowhere.