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The evil path should lead to equal, if not greater rewards compared to the good path...

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i wonder how/if larian incorporates any feedback to modify an 'evil' playthrough to make it more worthwhile to pursue for the player to even out that 75v25 dynamic, ie quest rewards,

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You go to the goblin camp (and with the way the game works usually you already have the quest to kill the goblins by that point after establishing them as threat and providing you with possible rewards)

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The rewards should be better and the path should be easier.

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So Evil Option 1) I side with the duegar and kill all these characters. I have to kill insane amounts of enemies equipped with poisons. Lose all these potential storylines for.... what? Some level 3-4 loot?

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The rewards for an evil playthrough are terrible.

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Just something meaningful as a reward!

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The rewards for doing this are laughable and not worth it at all, compared to the items and artifacts you obtain by killing the Goblin leaders.

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The goblin leaders will hand you their powerful artifacts, the same as you would obtain by killing them, as a reward after raiding the grove. Mintharra gives you her magic items.

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The Goblin raid of the grove and the rewards are just terribly dissapointing and poorly written. Please read the suggestions carefully and change this up, so that it makes more sense to side with them, with greater incentive and greater rewards.

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Yeah, even when I wanted to play an evil character, the "evil" route seemed to provide little to no rewards or reasons for playing it.

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Perhaps make her conflicted side more visible, and make siding with her rewarding.

Yeah ... "writing" ...

I liked original spellcasting system more ... frown

Anyway ... i cast Eldritch Blast!