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how very rousing. cringe.

honestly, china is going to steal baldurs gate 3s assets and make a copy of it anyway. Also the game is probably going to be banned because its going to include one or another thing that the Communist party disagrees on.
Better not even bother with them.

Lets get real here. China is a dictatorship and a pretty horrific one. Without going full godwins law here, just look at what they do.
Right now ive got a pretty favoreable opinion of Larian. But i know some game companies that i cannot repsect anymore due to falling to their knees in front the Chinese.

Dont do it. if you arent a gacha or an MMORPG, the chinese probably wont buy your game anyway.

I think the phrase "terrible dictatorship" is more appropriate for North Korea, where things are really bad. China has made great strides, they have conquered poverty and lifted hundreds of millions of people out of poverty, and are claiming world leadership together with the United States. In a country with so many population and mentality, this is perhaps the best governance model. The successful fight against COVID-19 in China is the best proof that they know what they are doing.

However, this is not applicable to Western civilization, we have our own path and our values

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"If a country, choosing between war and shame, chooses shame, it gets both war and shame." - Winston Churchill .