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Games are generally not meant to reflect real life, so maybe try not to put so much emphasis on being offended. The genre is called 'Fantasy' for a reason.

You're missing the point completely. The problem is the weak stomached "law" people FORCE games to be "Appropriate".

Personally I say have games get MORE dark. We have people dying on TV and it's considered entertainment. The life of someone young is implied to "matter more". Welp, not to me. Age is moot. How you AFFECT me determines if I run you through or care about you. Witcher 3 should really let you have the option of killing the "blue kids" and let you be as evil as you please. But the game forces you to be a goody two shoes. Normally I am. But damn, where's the CHOICE? It's a game of MONSTERS and how people FEAR them. Sure, you're a witcher and should know better. But we see countless times that even witches are flawed. So why can't OUR character be just as bloodthirsty and ruthless as that if we want them to be? Just as capable of giving in to bloodlust and anger and vengeance and killing little blue snots playing pranks at your expense as they laugh at you and mock you?

The only gripe I have with the goblin children is that the game seems to force you to either let the bear remain tortured or kill them. There should be a middle ground.

You can also let a godling die to a snake. You technically don't "kill" them yourself but you can let it happen and watch with a smirk on your face. Hell, outright running them through yourself might even be a mercy killing at that point. It would traumatise them less.