Found the paid chinese shill.

>not a dictatorship
Glorious one Party democracy.
>conquered poverty
i hope you enjoy working 12 hours a day in a cellphone company.
>Claiming world leadership
they wish, and hopefully they never will.
Look at what happens to the Uighurs, this is what living under chinas leadership entails.Reeducation, also known as violent brainwashing, and a targeted genocide by displacement. Im not even going to start talking about what happens in the prisons, aka concentration camps. Google it if youve got a tough stomache.
>Successfull fight against COVID-19
You mean successfully infecting the entire world with a contagious plague because somehow your "world leader" country cannot stop eating some of the most diseased animals on the planet including, but not limited to Bats and Pangolins.

If thats all not enaugh to convince you that China is a terrible place, just look at Hongkong and look what happens there.

Dont listen to Chinese shills.
There are literal cubicle offices full of them in China, in asian countries these tend to get ridiculed, but in the west we are not used to such nonsensical tactics.

Now i dont know if this poster is actually a shill, or more likeley one deluded by either propaganda or by beeing chinese. The chinese tend to have quite a bit of, undeserved as i might add, patriotism.