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Well I'm in China and I see skeletons in game. Most games in fact. Truth is, censorship will only happen when there is a reason, it's like Canadians, they walk around doing what they do until someone in Beijing decides they need to make an example to show who really owns Vancouver real estate, and then they arbitrarily detain someone Canadian and threaten the death penalty. Unless your game has some kind of in your face message or you cross fairly obvious lines, it's odds on it'll be ignored. Censorship is a farce, as the West proves constantly too, so carry on until someone points out Xi Jinping looks like a baby owl bear. Blizzard are laughable clowns who make most Chinese look like traitors.

It's not true at all that censorship only happens when there is a reason, unless you have a very loose definition of '' reason '' I guess.
Like I said tho I think that most of the time it's developers censoring games because they're trying to play it '' safe ''.
It's a lot easier and safer to just not have skeletons than to risk portraying them in a way that would be seen as offensive.

Chinese games are generally way more sexualized than Western ones, and yet even games like League of Legends are censored which is a very tame game in comparison.
Look at how ridiculous it is in Legends of Runeterra too, it's taken to an absurd level.
Even midriff is too much, Katarina got her whole body painted black in the card game.
Wild Rift which is specifically made for the Asian market too is based on the censored Chinese and Korean splashes too.
That's not a coincidence.

It even goes as far as just outright banning female champions, I can't remember exactly which country it was but in the Middle East there was a League tournament and they banned all female champions.

Games released in foreign markets just has a tendency to have this happen, like I said even Western games are censored in Asia.
And people in Asia view Westerners as pearl-clutchers too, it's like a circular thing.

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From what I read around is not so much that skeletons are outright banned, but that WoW and DoTA self censored their games just to avoid incurring in potential censorship. Thing is I can only get second hand, probably third hand info from internet since I cannot read Chinese, hence I cannot read myself about the alleged law.

This is what I've heard too, I also had a German friend rant at me before about how she is tired of people blaming Germans because Swastikas are censored in a lot of games.
There's a misconception that they're illegal to portray in games in Germany too, people just have a tendency to misunderstand these things even game developers do.

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