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Anyway, regular swords are sexy enough; by which I mean RL ones without all the jewels and batwings and spikes. Here's a couple of mine.

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What sexy daggers! I would like to see such a dagger in this scene. Although, the dagger that is now in the game is also not bad. Moderately sexy but very relevant.

Not quite daggers, more sort of... well, swords, really.

I would say here's me with another sword the same size proving swords can still be sexy even when modelled by an unsexy fat grumpy halfwit (and all in glorious Dragon Age Oranges style Smudge-O-Vision too) except it kinda looks ambiguous enough that it could be a dagger. It's a usual one-handed sword though, with a blade 30" or so long. I mean it's literally 3' away from me but I can't be arsed to go and measure it.

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J'aime le fromage.