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I only have conjecture to back this up with, but;
Shadowheart has a voice line where she says; "Usurping the gods' domains? I just want my brain back!" which to me is an indication of the fact that the "good" and "evil" paths in Act 1 are going to become irrelevant once we get to Moonrise and it is revealed the Absolute is trying to become the new Divine and replace Lucian usher in the age of mortals.
Of course, all of our feedback on the evil path is still valuable, but it is worth keeping this in mind should we eventually see it proven to be true.

I totally agree that there may well be aspects to the story we just don't know at this juncture that make our feedback "less useful", but I would still argue that given most players only play a game through once (unlike the likes of us), the options could do with being more "enticing" or overtly diverse.