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I'm pretty sure none of what we do in act 1 would have any influence on act 2. In dos2 even killing Alexander (which is an unavoidable fight mind you) doesn't affect anything lol
Oh yeah. [Linked Image]
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I totally agree that there may well be aspects to the story we just don't know at this juncture that make our feedback "less useful", but I would still argue that given most players only play a game through once (unlike the likes of us), the options could do with being more "enticing" or overtly diverse.
No argument there, just trying to make an educated guess as to what cards Larian has up their sleeve. It seems like bad practice to me that they would let players partake in an early access program while witholding all relevant story details so their plot feedback is useless, but I suppose there was no way to predict that. It does not render the smaller points such as the "evil" path being cartoonish and unrewarding useless either.
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I disagree. Most of the criticism is not about rewards (come guys evil path has the best reward right now) per se, but about incentives. Some reason to get up of our lazy evil ass and lift a finger for the evil team.
Well, you see, if I am right about what I said in my previous post there won't be such a thing as an "evil team" lol.
I don't want to sound presumptuous but taking down the gods is an almost universally "good" idea in my opinion.