If you have to invent stuff in your head to patch, excuse, cover up or minimize what the game or story writing is telling you... Its not good writing you are experiencing.
Sure we have to go over some details and moments in almost every story, game or a movie but this is a whole big part of the very start of the game an its main plot, not some minor side quest.

And its not just minor details but he whole of it.
If it was a multifaceted dice, every way you would turn it, it would result in roll fail.

Its not just about the bramble and fire, maybe its magical and it can withstand fire. The point is the Druids have no idea how long that state can last and worse - they dont even want to know - and worse, you cant even point this out to any of them. They can be closing themselves for years, maybe for centuries - and preventing themselves from doing anything about those outside forces in any way. And of course, its not like Druids are supposed to only protect their small grove and let the world burn.

The writers know that the player will affect the situation one way or another - and you betraying the Druids only makes Kagha plan all the more stupid an absurdly naive - but the Druids themselves have no idea you will remove the threat - and they are not interested in even asking you to investigate what the threat really is, or to do anything about it. They are just braindead focused on "its the refugees fault! get them out and then everything is going to be great!" although they have no evidence, not even any hint the attacks are happening only because of the refugees - they just apparently assumed so... and thats it.
Which is just utterly idiotic and not true as we discover ourselves too.

Halsin apparently figured out something else is going on and went to investigate with that band of adventurers - but it was all done on the hush hush, with only him and Nettie involved in it... but why the fuck would the Archdruid do that? Why would he investigate strange tadpole discovered in an attack on the Druids - like its a secret mission other druids shouldn't know about? Why do it alone? Why not alert the others, especially if there is some kind of stupid plot of inside takeover run by Kagha, that there are outside forces in play that may be a threat to everyone and the whole region, to unite them and prepare them to be vigilant and to fight if necessary. Why not use the whole nature around the grove to spy and collect information - the whole forest is full of eyes that crawl, fly, swim and skitter around. Its not like those first few villages are far away either!

- the goblins inside the tunnel/cave already talk about how rats may be spying for druids, and apparently some rats inside the grove are connected to the shadowdruid side, the druid woman sends a bird to search for Halsin, etc, etc etfc.

The more you probe the very surface of this whole quest the more it unravels and worse and worse it gets. The more inane and illogical and absurd it gets.

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