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I like my weapons to look traditional and functional, and don't need them to resemble BDSM equipment.
I'm somehow in the minority with that it seems.

All equipment traditional and functional please, we are gaming - our characters are surviving (immersion factor). Most armor's functionality and colouring, are immersion-breaking for now at varying degrees. I would hope people thinking like us are not a minority, though.

How can a color be '' immersion breaking ''?
Are you sure that you're not mistaking immersion for your own idealized view of the medieval ages?

Immersion is also about being consistent within the setting imo, what would '' break my immersion '' in Baldur's Gate 3 is very different than in WoW.
But Baldur's Gate 3 is still not a simulator like Mordhau or Mount and Blade ( altho people in those games still run around naked ).
I mean '' traditional '' according to what?
It's a fictional setting with its own history, cultures and fashion.

It can be. Better believe me I'm not having an idealized view, before I'll go for the proof:-) Let's just say we may have different sources of fantasy inspiration.
It's not about "historical authenticity". It is about knowing how materials, armor parts may look (and work) in practice, without sacrificing "coolness" factors. It is quite possible if an artist decided (or had the time) to do the research on this.