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if they would took it a bit more seriously(the trolls) am pretty sure they could/would find "adequate" and on the topic pictures. showing BAD ASS MEN in relatively Sexy Armors or robes

but trolls do what they do , they trolls then hide.

there is people that say, oh god no please!, but they are the first to go and RECORD all romance scene with a trans PC and put them on youtube.
or when given the choice in game they jump on the most sexy one.

the first thing they will do when they get back in baldur's gate is go to the bordello

all I am asking is some ... more SEXY armors ffs ......

Just because people disagree with you does not make them trolls or worthy of being insulted.

I think we all know by now what you wanted to say when you opened the thread, and I think there is enough feedback on both sides to suggest that not everyone is of the same opinion. Throwing out insults and insulting assumptions is not going to change people's minds on the subject.