Well. Out of these I really only would object to "weapon" number two as that is mere jewelry and not a weapon at all. I guess it could be used to deter a creepy stalker at night by swinging it into his/her face but that's pretty much it. If that stalker carries a knife, you're at disadvantage. If the person also knows how to handle that knife, you're dead.

The kama with chain could work, IF they animate it correctly. I E, not having the character swing the kama around like a ball on a rope. I really hate what the 80's ninja movies did there. The weapon did exist and originates from a farmers tool(the kama) that got enhanced by a chain to ensnare and disarm an opponent that afterward could get slashed/stabbed by the kama. Swinging the kama around like a scythe would most probably only lead to self harm or the kama getting stuck into a tree.

Chakras exist and might not be the most efficient weapons in history but they filled a purpose. I guess you could also see the style in which they are used as being "cool".

Lastly the chain whip did also exist but were primarily used as a weapon of surprise, being easily concealed in your palm or long sleeve until you choose to attack, aiming for the eyes. If the first initial strike failed, it could later be used as a defensive tool parrying some blade attacks or disarm your opponent. A secondary weapon at best.

Except number two I don't really see a problem with these being in the game. They are a bit silly compared to a sword or a bow, but hey, I let it slip. It is funny though how modern media has turned these middle eastern/asian martial arts weapons to something "cool", "exotic" and "sexy" when historically they were nothing but the poor man's choice, simply the deadliest tool a farmer had access to defend themselves with.

The same goes for the whip. If you want it in game I don't mind. Lore wise it is the preferred "weapon" of choice for Drow Matrons. but remember, a Matron doesn't fight with her whip, she commands. In combat they pretty much always revert to magic attacks instead of hand to hand. And the reason why we so many demons and drow matrons with whips is because we are to associate them with dominatrixes. The whip is a symbol of power, of forced obedience. Not an efficient weapon.

One more thing. I have seen several comments both in here and in the topic about revealing armor, that argues that sexy weapons/armor should be in the game because it's a fantasy game, not a history simulation. True, it is a fantasy game. But it's not one person's fantasy. You can argue that what you want in the game is because it fits your fantasy, just as I can argue it doesn't fit mine.

I'm not a puritan, I understand the need, and the right, for anyone to be able to express themselves through their character. What I object is not the possibility of expression but the overhanging risk of objectification. We should ask our selves, why do I feel the need to be able to play a character in revealing clothing and bdsm equipment? Is it to express myself, or to objectify the character, ie have something sexy to stare at.

EDIT: Oh, can people please stop using "we" without explaining who "we" represent. Yes, it's a normal psychological aspect of humans to either think their opinion adhere to the majority, or to try to assure others that it does. But the behavior of speaking for others without their consent is just rude. So please use "I" or "me" unless you can specifically explain whom your speaking for. The only ones that are allowed to use "pluralis majestatis" are royalty or appointed spokesmen for unions, parties, organizations etc.

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