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Between this and POE2 I've had it with these motherhugging gods in these motherhugging games

Everyone, even the characters in a game has to be greater than us ;(
I will just have to wait and see. But I like it so far.

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If i recall it corectly in some interwiev someone from Larian (not sure if that wasnt Swen himself) was asked if this game main antagonist will be Mind Flayers ... and that one answered something like: "Oh you dont know even a tiny bit of what we prepared for you."
So honestly i wont be even surprised if we manage to either remove our tadpole after Moonrise Towers, and possibly keeps some of its power ... or make it permanently dormant. laugh

Or we simply died falling out the Nautiloid, and this forum ... errrr i mean sword coast is our hell. laugh
No really ... i just wanted to say that we may not even go so far to gods ... after all there was some tadpole activity just before we should smash on that beach ... maybe we are still laying there and all Act1 is just hapening inside our minds, some simualtion controlled by tadpole to make us dormant before we change.

I think I remember that from some interview with Swen as well. There is plenty of ominous remarks they made...
I kinda stopped thinking about the tadpole completely. Either we will live with it or find a way to remove it, but I still have to go help Astarion on his quest!
It's affected by netherese magic for now and there are netherese runes around us; maybe absolute does have something to do with this directly, but I don't think so.

I'd like to point out, that in the trailer intro we can see, that this looks like a rogue illithid. There are illithid corpses around us even before we have the tadpole in our heads.
So there isn't just one party of illithids here. This was someone who got on the ship - that was presumably working with the Absolute 'as there are images of goblin, human, etc history'.
This illithid, that put the tadpole in us might have been working on his own completely.
Also how do we even know to connect these slimy nerves and teleport close to Baldur's Gate?... We teleport through who knows what. The light flashes are very different, than to what we saw a nautiloid disappearing into literally nothing in the trailer. Maybe we became tied to the etheareal plane?

I could get behind us dying as well, wouldn't surprise me if this was some sort of purgatory, especially for our companions.

But we do know from the interviews that illithids will obviously be threat to the city and to us.
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Maybe Larian is just bad at writing.

Always a possibility, but Astarion's voice actor will carry the game for me (and I think that almost all of the voice acting is really really good; script and options is another matter).

“There is only one thing we say to Death:
Not today.