That's a fair counter, sure... but overall I still find it worrying as a thing to see. One step away from a killer is not a killer; almost mature is not mature, and tendencies towards certain behaviours are not, themselves, ingrained behaviours... It doesn't feel like a good writing choice for them to have made, all told, and there's precious little purpose for it.

I'd also just want to add to that...

It's not as though Mol is any better. She's not. She absolutely doesn't care if she gets people killed pursuing her plans, as long as they aren't her friends, and she plans to get to baldur's gate and start a thieves guild of some sort - and if you think for a moment that isn't going to involve silencing unwanted voices and blinding unwanted eyes, it most certainly will. She's not just impulsively violent - she's calculatingly homicidal, at a premeditated level (or, is one tiny step away from being so, to use that argument)

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