And they only came out at night!

hehe just wanted to add to the chorus. Of course there should be a Day/Night cycle.

Not only do I find this blasted daylight offensive to my general circadian sensibilities, but it just cuts off way too many story possibilities to set the game in a perpetual high noon scenario.

The hoops they're already jumping through so our one vampire Origin companion can go full daywalker is kinda comical. Meeting Bodhi in Shadows of Amn during the middle of the day would have been pretty lame.

Weather and the Day/Night cycle were part of the BG charm. It gave the games atmosphere.

Not that we need a full prince of persia hourglass of doom, but man, you'd think 20 years out they'd have like a lunar calendar and 5 day weather forecast by now. Instead of just you know, nixing Time all together lol

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