I agree the story is about all of our companions i'm just along for the ride.. Hateful, weird disassociated ride so far..
Its like everyone hates everyone for no real reasons at all and i'm in the middle going WTF!!!

Please just dump the origin characters and focus on the actual game.. Origin stuff is such wasted assets and dev time.
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Just a small note, I didn't use the tadpole's power even once and thus I didn't get the dream squence. It was nice to create his dream girl, but chances are I will not even meet her or have her as obvious tadpole interaction and thus just an enemy to my character. So yeah, if this is all background they are offering for the custom character, I'm sorry, but I'm not playing their 'evil murderhobbo path' and not seeing any of it.

Same, i didn't even know they existed until i read it on reddit.. I have not once used the worm after the first time "i lost something" on my first playthrough.

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