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In the end, I collect a ton of stuff but never need it. I am really surprised how little spells are needed. Perhaps I am not being adventurous enough and not experimenting but the game's challenge should lead me into thinking more.

I know the game is not done and dialing the proper challenge level is to be revised but what do you think? Is it too easy and you don't need much of the inventory and magic offered?

Btw, I am playing a warlock.

The Problem is that you are comparing this to much to Divinity OS 2. In that game you absolutly needed magic and just could not solve some puzzles that required magic. (I Remember looking for lightning spellscrolls because i needed to charge some catalyst)

In DnD however it is not guaranteed that you will have Spell casting, yet alone "Arcane" Spellcasting on your team. So all puzzles need to be solvable without them. Same goes for Baldurs Gate 3. If you think about all classes you can get at the end.

(Bloodhunter ?)

I could make up a party of up to seven + people, each one from a Different Class, and none of them would be able to produce Fire with a cantrip. (Rangers and Paladins dont learn Cantrips, Clerics dont get firebolt, and Fighter/Rouge only if they take specific Subclasses, that the Player might not like)

So jeah, i am actually happy with the current idea about riddles, since i dont want to be forced again to build a full on magic caster just to solve game elements.