I'm going to be positive. This is an alfa. There is time to add and change things. I imagine that they would add the classes and subclasses from the main 5th edition ruleset. I would like to see diviner for wizards, for example.

And same way they are probably working on that, they might be proving the data to see which features do we want more. Maybe they thought that offering a "blank and bland" custom character would be enough to appease people who like custom characters and for some of them it is. Others like me want a full story arc exclusive for custom character, not origin characters (otherwise, origin characters would have more content always). That is the way to balance choices. You shouldn't be penalized with less content for choosing custom character (no personal story arc and quest). Neither you should penalized with less content if you choose not to use/abuse tadpole powers (with no scenes at all). Diferent scenes and outcomes should be offered. I mean, id your dream person is the way your tadpole manifest and can't when you don't use it, maybe if you don't, you can have an scene where it is a companion the one with dreams. Or where you notice your tadpole getting nervous/weaker.

And what if you equip the ring that block it? Then you get nothing? From metagaming perspective, that is penalizing players who are weary of becoming a mindflayer (which includes all alignments). So my feedback is, scenes are cool, they need to fix triggers and add options/choices for the people who make different choices.