Solasta just posted an update for what they're planning to do in coming updates. The specifics of it are unimportant, but what is important is that they acknowledge the major concerns which the players are talking about the most.

The most common complaint of our Early Access version has since switched to our Light System which we've explained more than a year ago in an article... and not without good reasons. We've been reading through your messages and suggestions, and we find ourselves agreeing on quite a few of them. The largest issues being:

  • We've been saying that Solasta is faithful to the 5e Tabletop ruleset, but we've made changes regarding the lighting rules
  • This design change wasn't clearly explained in-game, leading many people to be disappointed after expecting their Darkvision characters to be able to see without light
  • Fighting in dark environments is frustrating due to often rolling with disadvantage, especially against enemies that like to stay at range

While we had our reasons to change the lighting rules originally (as stated in our article), we've come to appreciate how difficult it is for Tabletop players to adjust to that new set of rules - especially since everything else stays fairly close to the original Tabletop ruleset. So... we're going back to the drawing board to make it better! After all, that's what Early Access is for is it not? Gather feedback from the players, keep what people love and rework what people find problematic.

That was simple, wasn't it? An acknowledgement of the issues players have raised, an agreement that the players have several valid points, and a commitment to make improvements. That's what was missing from Larian's Update #10 for BG 3. If players could see that, then they wouldn't feel so much like they were shouting into the void, and this thread wouldn't exist.