As in all Larian games...Too many potions, too many scrolls, too much money and too much food makes the game...non-consequential. Doesn't matter anymore if enemies have 10x the HP, I have 20x the items to use freely, and all my abilities are back right after combat. One reason I quit DOS2 half way through. Having so much junk items made even the epic items feel like a cheap hamburger.

Why not just have a <give me some scrolls, potions and a magic item> button in the UI, its basically feels the same. The worst is, MAGIC becomes mundane...and not useful.

A quick fix for all this item overload, <looks yet again at BG2...>, yes bring back limited item slots and limited item stacking for every character or drastically increase weight limit. "Hmm should I bring that deathbringer axe of Mortis or the lance of ultimaxus bloodthrust??? Cant have it all with all the armors Im carrying....maybe drop off all these potions/food for now...BUT my mage only has a few restoration spells memorized ...hmmmmm....maybe if I use the invisibility scroll on the barbarian then..."etc...
so it becomes quite fun trying to figure out on how to deal with situations having these limited resources.

POE2 Deadfire <kind of> fixed that with the added difficulty challenges (hp doesn't regenerate, food spoils after some time, rest only 1 a day, abilities can only be used once a day etc...) which I absolutely LOVE. Made the game way more fun. And you can CHOOSE to add these gameplay changes. Great way to deal with mainstream gamers.

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