You know what's really funny to me?

IF they pitched this game WITHOUT custom characters, and just started you in the game with a "pick your character' screen, where you choose one of their however many preset well defined, well fleshed characters.... it wouldn't seem so bad. Lots of games, historically, have done that... if that's what it is, and you know what you're getting into, that's okay.

It would also make the game a hard pass for me, and many players like me, who want to play their own character, or to at least design the visuals and somewhat the personality of the role their character then slips into. Even if the 'role' your character is dropping into is preset, being able to define your character and then having that driving element anchor them into the world is important. My concern is that Larian actually don't really grasp how what they are doing currently does not achieve that.

I saw somewhere that there was an official comment to the extent that we'd learn just how important the player character really is, when we're able to play as origin characters... and it kind of puzzled me. It was almost like they were suggesting that, when you play as an origin character, you'll play through feeling like something big and important is missing, that you didn't realise you were getting with your custom character.. and that doesn't sound likely. Even if it were, it would NOT be something you'd want to advertise. I suspect what they actually meant was that, when playing as a custom character, you're missing out on all the stuff that will make you realise how important whichever-of-larian's-characters-you're-playing is... which, again, is not something anyone should be saying to advertise their game. But then, "Every play through will leave you feeling like you're missing huge chunks of the story that you're being prevented from seeing because we forced a choice on you that locked you out of it" is the Larian golden rule, in previous games. We can only hope it changes here, fingers crossed.