We are not comparing apples to apples here, in budget, technology, developers... etc. Still somehow Solasta has been able to (IMO) create a Gameplay and Combat system that is mechanically and tactically better than Larian's BG3:

- In depth showing of the dice, attack damage, saves, abilities)
- Clear and understandable recap of rolls (advantage, disadvantage, feats, abilities, lighting, etc. etc.)
- Easy to split PCs
- Available Options based on remaining action economy
- Long rests are tied to Time and Supplies, cannot be spammed
- Short Rests now have a use, hit dice and clear what is regained during (Channel Divinity, Spells slots, etc.)
- Switching weapons requires economy and can only be done once a turn minimizing abuse
- Ritual casting!
- Concentration warnings
- Dodge, Shove, Disengage, Stabilize, Ready, Reactions, Hide. All implemented as RAW.
- Proper advantage/disadvantage and cover. You can't get adv from standing on a small rock, or walking 180 degrees around a non flanked target!
- Creatures have expected AC, HP, Saves.
- No food abundance, Stabilize does not get people up to 1hp. This puts back the importance of health potions and healing again!
- There isn't fire, acid, ice, explosive barrels every 10 feet. Cantrips are back to their normal strength.

I really hope Larian is listening to feedback. Moreover I hope they are seeing what a gameplay and combat system with an actual identity looks like, while theirs is in limbo between DOS and DND.