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Solasta just posted an update for what they're planning to do in coming updates. The specifics of it are unimportant, but what is important is that they acknowledge the major concerns which the players are talking about the most.

That was simple, wasn't it? An acknowledgement of the issues players have raised, an agreement that the players have several valid points, and a commitment to make improvements. That's what was missing from Larian's Update #10 for BG 3. If players could see that, then they wouldn't feel so much like they were shouting into the void, and this thread wouldn't exist.

That is a good update
-a long discussion about light: the changes and why they originally made them, the player response during EA, and an agreement to listen and look into other options based on that player feedback
-"inventory and shopping improvements, hand-picked from your suggestions"
-a roadmap of things to expect in the coming months

I, at least, am not expecting Larian to implement all (or any) of our changes in their next update. That's obviously expecting too much.
But an acknowledgement of our feedback (1 or 2 of the bigger things) and a rough roadmap would go a long way. Stabbey says it best: currently it feels like we're shouting into the void.
My feedback for Larian: throw us a bone. I want to be here. I want to help make the game better. Let me know that my/our feedback is doing something.

@Fisher: That's what "Launch Community Update" was for. And if they had done "Launch Update pt 2, pt 3, etc," that would have been fine. The problem was they put out a new Community Update, starting with "it's big patch time." Then spent most of it talking about (misleading) stats and ending with a conclusion that implied they had 0 understanding of a huge problem with the current evil playthrough, a problem that took up a decent amount of forum space and that they specifically asked us to test and provide feedback on.