I don't mind the main character being a blank page I can fill out with my imagination. I did it in so many other games. The issue for me is soley that they put so much time and effort into their characters instead of giving us options to create our own. Like so many say, everybody around the player character has more importance to the story because they feel more experienced, they have a rich backstory and each one of them is something extremely special AND additionally they have everything the main character has - a tadpole storyline - why? Because they can even replace the main character. Even playing the main character I still get their stories to see since they are also companions.

All in all it feels like their story and we are just tagalongs. Like something your DM had to throw in because you didn't want to play his pregenarated stuff and now he has to drag you along while he is telling you his story for his characters. It gets to the point I just don't want to experience their stories at all, just to get some room to breath and experience the story itself without them being snarly towards me as well as pissed off that I don't do what they want and feed them magical items while they are having their adventure.