You're not being paid to develop this game. There is an entire army of developers, managers, artists and what have you that want to press their own interests with this game. I was going in with an open mind, but I've quickly confirmed what is going on here. You just got to take a look at how the forum looks, it's old, outdated, forgotten really. Even if you have pin-point perfect feedback, where are they even supposed to look, all the sub-forums are catch-all bins with no specific seperation inside, you can't even find your own thread after one day because it gets swamped by all the other threads that are so rapidly created. I haven't seen any dev-team member post outside of their announcement threads, to me, if they were serious about taking in player feedback, they would have adressed all these things before the EA even started.

The only thing they are willing to take seems to be what is fed to the algo from each of our playthroughs, which is a handy statistic to have, but it ain't player feedback.

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