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Solasta? You mean that Solasta with whole 4 linear maps ingame, NWN2 level graphics and linear story with forgettable cast and no companions at all?

Such a hate for Solasta. Mechanically, Solasta is far superior than current BG3. They are not in the same league of comparison in other aspects as expected.

While i liked Solasta i found the combat more fun in BG3, and i am betting many other players who dont play Tabletop feel the same, the issues so many Tabletop players have is because you are looking at a game you regularly play and enjoy
and you dont like to see any changes to it, but as someone who dosent play Tabletop and has played both games EA with no prior Opinions i found BG3 to be far more fun.
Sure they have a lot of things they should fix, many of 5E rules i have seen posted seem very logical and i am sure they will make adjustments.

And dont forget that for a team of 17 people it is very easy to have a sit down and decide on changes, Larian is 250-300 people, the structure is completely different the way decisions are made is far more complex and the scope of the game is far bigger any change might impact many other things we are not taking in to account but the devs do.

Well, that’s a matter of acknowledging the feedbacks from the community and not to actually change it. We’re not expecting them to implement the DnD5e rules by the book, yet there are pain points spread all over this forum with actual arguments regarding balance issues - mainly in the combat pillar.

Compared to redesign the other pillars (social interaction & exploration) - combat is the less tricky one.

Also, I’m not following you regarding head-count comparison between both companies. Address the major complaints of a community should be easier in a larger team compared to a smaller one.