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Also, I’m not following you regarding head-count comparison between both companies. Address the major complaints of a community should be easier in a larger team compared to a smaller one.

Ill try to explain what i meant,
For small team like for Solasta there's is probably 1 or 2 combat/mechanics designers and they all probably work in the same office with the boss, so when they want to make a change they just go over to the office talk it over and that's it,

For a big company that has branches across multiple countries, my guess would be if a designer want to try something out he needs his boss to approve it who in turn needs another manager to approve, that manager will probably start looking at data form many different avenues and try to understand what would sell more in the end etc...
my point is even if they have seen the feedback and even if some combat designer feels that changes should be made its going to take some time until its approved by all the higher ups, and only after its approved would anyone talk about it in a community update. so lets just give them some time.

like i said many of the changes requested on the forum are really good and i am sure they will address it in time.

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