I don't think Larian's PR strategy here has been perfect (I think they can be more transparent), but to expect implementation or commitment to certain changes by this point is kind of nuts. We're only a month out of Early Access. For a project this huge, it makes sense that they'll need to take time to parse feedback, debate solutions, and test before committing to any changes.

You need at least a few weeks just to wait for a proper range of feedback to kick-in - you can't simply take week 1 reactions and start running with that as it will skew your response base.

Then you need time to parse through it all and figure out which feedback you actually agree with - as not all of it is universal. More so, a lot of "individual" feedback points affect a larger system as a whole and can't be implemented in isolation. This is on top of having a larger organizational structure that will require the proper time spent on getting internal buy-in to changes.

All of that needs to be done before they even do internal testing, nevermind put it in a public patch. The only thing that will piss people off who demand Change X and not getting it fast enough is if you give them X and then have to take it away later because it turns out it doesn't work with Y and Z.

Larian's biggest mistake IMO has been their PR communication during patch updates. Raving on and on about meaningless stats and puppy petting without even mentioning if they've been looking at mechanical feedback is a poor move as it gives off an impression of a distracted child. The "humorous", nonchalant tone used in those updates makes exacerbates this. They don't have to commit to any changes (since they probably don't know at this point), but just an acknowledgement will do wonders.