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is BG3 too EZ ?

yes. the AI is so buggy, that all the fight are a piece of cake

The AI struggling on getting on highground where you can just rain arrows on them is kinda a sad display ngl.
They seem to not find ladders sometimes...They just need 3-4 turns to figure out there was a ladder somewhere this whole time ^^

Apart from exploiting pathfinding though I feel enemies just lack mage support. Like they need waaay more mages on their side. Goblins struggle with it for obvious reasons. But the hag for instance is a way more interesting and (theoretically) difficult fight than others precisely because she's one of those who actually read the rule book and figured out hold person is a thing.

Maybe just more spellcasters would make some of those fights more challenging? You could still cheese it and one shot the mage before anything starts but if you go head on it would at least become some kind of challenge.

I had to nerf myself by not using dmg spells in most fights cause it would just be unfair in most of them :p
So @OP:"I know the game is not done and dialing the proper challenge level is to be revised but what do you think? Is it too easy and you don't need much of the inventory and magic offered?" Yup, sadly. I'm not even using surfaces that much . I'm just arrowing them to death from highground :| And I have to go highground cause their archers will get the advantage otherwise.

Idk, hard to judge low level encounters. Personally I'm a fan boy of mage fights in D&D so I guess I need higher level enemies to enjoy that part.

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Alt+ left click in the inventory on an item while the camp stash is opened transfers the item there. Make it a reality.