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Maybe look at this from a different angle: they made less content than Larian for now, and started updating their mechanics and giving their feedback for questions raised - earlier. We should look where both games would be 1 year from now.

I look at it from a simple angle of expecting to see a good RPG game first and only then everything else second and quite frankly - that game barely qualifies as RPG, especially in 2020. Heck, it would barely qualify as RPG back in 2002 seeing NWN.

It is a faithful 5e combat simulator and simply nothing else. It's about as much RPG as Xcom is and heck at least in Xcom you sort of have illusion of different paths, here it's just one thing.

It's a bit too harsh, unnecessary: there is an interesting system which took place instead of character's alignment, and it is already better then what BG 3 shown us (for now) because it gives us a fixed outline of a role and background from the start in an RPG. Altruist/egoist/idealistic/practical.

There are hints of party banter, too, not fleshed out yet. And all party members make their rolls in any events, based on the best character.

Moreover, - while graphics of Solasta are understandably much weaker than BG 3, the clothes/armor in Solasta actually better styled, they fit better with an overall style than in BG 3, but that is of course just an opinion.