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The thing about Larian is that they will make the game they want to make. Our feedback is the smallest part of their process. It was the same in DOS2. Yes, they made changes of one or two of the glaring issues people ranted about, but for the most part nothing changed except bugs and refinements based on heat maps.

Swen is stubborn, and he won't change his mind.

He created this project to show a wider audience "Larian's formula" of CRPG. They openly co-opted the BG name to do this.

That means DOS. That means puppy petting and cringe worthy companions and binary dialogue options and tons of barrels everywhere.

BG3 will never become the game D&D or BG fans expected.

There's a massive difference between building your own IP and making a game with a D&D licence that has a 3 in the title.

I would expect WotC to supervise their IP closely, but then again Sword Coast Legends got made.