I also reacted to the elves not looking very elvish - ESPECIALLY the male ones, most of their faces just had me like "??????" ...

There was literally like 1 male face and 2 female faces that I am okay with for elves - rest just didn't feel elven at all to me.

However, I'll give Larian the benefit of the doubt and ASSUME that the small sample pool is because the game is in EA. One can hope, at least.

And, I also reacted to there being hardly any lines appointed to elves. I believe there is one with SH (?) and one with the dream-person ("Dafork, I am an elf, why am I dreaming?")... I hope they got some more flagged lines in general (not just for elves) coming! ^_^ (oh, and also BUMP! Larian, take notes!! frown )

Hoot hoot, stranger! Fairly new to CRPGs, but I tried my best to provide some feedback regardless! <3 Read it here: My Open Letter to Larian