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Made it to the end...

+1 for the OP.

My take away is that the high ground rule only makes sense when you consider the lack of a cover system.
- 5th ed has 1/2 cover, 3/4 cover, and full cover.
- BG3 does not have the cover system but the High Ground sort simulates it for ranged attacks.

My feelings:
- please add the cover system updated for 3d environments (will need to cast more than 4 rays)
- reduce the high ground bonus to +1 or +2 to hit. (and no low ground penalty because cover has you covered now)
- add in the optional flank rules from DMG (2+ characters on each side of the target) with a +2 hit only. (melee needs fun rules too)

Even if the idea is interesting, I think adding a cover system so far in development is a bit of a stretch. But I dig the +1/+2 for height instead of an advantage. And it can be easily modified I guess.

If they are to implement a cover system then now would be the best time. Keep in mind we're only one month into the early access period and we're most likely still a year (if not more) away from the game's full release.
The longer they wait with implementing any new features, the more likely they are to run into issues.

Yeah, but if we have in mind a cover system like xcom for instance, the environment is not suitable at all for it at the moment. The only stuff that would fit are barrels or chests, like all the destructible assets. The problem with these is they can be destroyed super easily.

So it would essentially mean they'd have to rework all the maps to include hard cover structures.